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A Must For Rough: Without This You'll Struggle The Rougher It Gets
One of the things that mountain bikers struggle with a lot on rough trail is their position, or more specifically - Control over their position. Most mountain bikers' body positions are already out of balance before they enter every next trail feature, and that's where the problem begins.

There are three parts to position control that we need to be aware of: balance, stability, and posture.

Let's focus on the balance control part of position control for a moment. If you enter the start of a rough section of trail, like the one in the video, already out of control of your balance, then you're going to struggle trying to keep balanced until the trail eases. Why?

Because, when we enter any change in the trail already out of control of our balance, we will struggle to get back in control while the trail is still changing underneath us.

When we're out of balance we have to react and hold or brace ourselves to the bike, to try and stop us from losing balance even more. We will grip the bar tighter, stiffen our arms, and maybe even curl our back. We might even stiffen our legs and try to squeeze the saddle between our thighs. 

We will also drop our eyes to the trouble we're having, which means we instantly start killing our ability to scan ahead and create the riding line we want. We might also grab the brakes in an effort to get back in control, but often that momentarily throws our body forward or sideways!
All those reactions do is make us lose even more balance and control. By reacting and 'locking' ourselves to the bike, we're not letting the bike move independently, and we will get pulled and pushed by the bike to where-ever it wants to go. 

As all this is going on our body is reacting to all the pushes and pulls from the bike, to try and get us back in balance. When you're riding rough trail, that's pretty difficult! And the rougher the trail is, the more you'll struggle to get back in control of your balance until the that section of trail ends! 

Now you've got a fight on your hands!

That's one of the reasons why riders have trouble with rock gardens or technical trail. There are so many more changes in the trail in a shorter distance that can upset our balance. 
And if you've already entered that rock garden out of've got a struggle on your hands (and a tonne of risk!)

So, one of the absolute keys for mountain biking rough terrain is to make sure you're in control of your balance before every next change in the trail. 

If you know how to think and what to do, to keep control over your balance for what you're about to start riding, before you start riding it, those rough sections of trail become so much easier. All it takes is thinking in control in advance.

Already entering in control of your balance is key. It's the first step to making it much easier for yourself to continue to move your body the right way and maintain balance for every next change the trail makes.
If you’re grabbing the brakes or skidding in corners it’s because you’re reacting to being out of control. By definition a reaction is an action in response to something that has already happened. 

Just like driving a car, if there’s clear road ahead and you had to put the car brakes on suddenly in a corner, it’s because at that moment you were not in control of your speed, right? 
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