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Great mountain biking skill is all about knowing the right things to think and do at exactly the right times, so you can adapt seamlessly with complete control to whatever is coming next, without reacting in any way.

Still pulling up on the handlebar on drops or scared of drops altogether? 

Add this one simple move and drops become so easy! All because you're using your body weight to cantilever the front wheel up and give it 'hang time', instead of pulling up on the handlebar as a reactive habit and pulling yourself out of control.
Ending your fear of ramps start with getting in control of your focus. But, this isn't simply a case of 'looking where you want to go', like the old mountain bike rule that's been passed on from generation to generation. Getting Focus Control is something different entirely.
A deeper look into how poor Position Control sabotages our mountain biking skill to make us struggle on the trails. 
Let's focus on the balance control part of position control for a moment. If you enter the start of a rough section of trail, like the one in the video, already out of control of your balance, then you're going to struggle trying to keep balanced until the trail eases. Why?

Because, when we enter any change in the trail already out of control of our balance, we will struggle 
One of the common struggles most mountain bikers have is in corners. Corner after corner they’re grabbing the brakes inside the turn, sometimes even skidding, and all it does is make them struggle, waste energy, and kill their flow.  

They end up fighting the bike to try to get back in control and stay on the trail, then as they exit they’ve 
When you ride with these five Control Skills all your mountain biking skills will grow in incredible ways, because you’ll have complete control over the only five things that every different part of the trail demands of you, to be extraordinary.
Is the ability to know exactly how to adapt to what’s coming next important? 

Ask yourself that next time you make even the smallest mistake or misjudgement. Here’s the hard truth: The trail ahead is always changing – and your ability to be in control in advance, instead of reacting, is the greatest skill you can have. 
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