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We can all sit on a bike and pedal the wheels around, but do you know how to mountain bike with pure control and freedom? It doesn't take guts, courage, skidding up dust, or no fear. Those days of difficult and risky mountain biking are over. What it does take is a revolutionary approach to riding that empowers you with the ability to think in control in advance. If you have the desire to reach your peak ability and discover a whole new world of simplicity and ease, then this is for you!
In 2014 Chris Carter pioneered a remarkable method that gives people the ability to ride with complete control over everything they do next, and has helped transform the lives of hundreds of mountain bikers around the world.

Unlike other skills coaching approaches, Chris Carter will go beyond mountain biking techniques, tricks, and strategies. Chris knows that harnessing the power of your mind is the key to your success. Great riding technique won't help you succeed at your highest potential without the right methodology that puts all your decisions and actions in control.

Most of us have the desire to ride better, but don't know exactly what to think and do, and the timing of when to do it all. We are constantly fighting the bike and the trail, held back by hard-wired reactive habits, limiting beliefs, and a fear of failure. Chris teaches you how to break through those roadblocks.

With Chris, you'll save yourself a lifetime of reactive riding as you discover the secrets to real mountain biking skill. Real mountain biking skill is far more than just the great ‘bike handling’ skill you need to conquer any trail feature with ease. It is the skill to have control over every aspect of what you think and do while you ride, including control over:
  •  control over your state of mind and fears
  •  control over your decision making - the timing of what to do when for every kind of trail feature
  •  control over your efficiency, power transfer, safety, and much, much more.
You'll learn how to eliminate your reactive habits and ride in control in advance using just three unique, yet incredibly powerful Rules. Step out of the dark ages and into a new life of constantly expanding mountain biking skill, ease, and performance.
There are two ways you can access Chris's personal skills coaching - Rapid Skill Transformation Clinics, and Simply Extraordinary Results Coaching. 

1. Rapid Skill Transformation Clinics are for riders who want to transform their mountain biking skill fast. 

These 4-lesson clinics introduce you to the world of control to set you on a path of never-ending riding confidence, simplicity, and skill improvement.

To find out more or book your first lesson click here to call.

2. Simply Extraordinary Results Coaching is for riders of all skill levels who are truly committed to achieving and exceeding their mountain biking dreams, whether those dreams are to simply transform their skills and ride every trail with incredible safety, efficiency and ease, or reach the top step of the podium, or thrive in the world’s toughest mountain bike races, and everything in between.

SER Coaching is delivered worldwide, giving you the in-depth support, mind-set, and skill transformation you need to overcome every obstacle to achieve your biggest mountain biking goals.

To Find out more about Simply Extraordinary Results Coaching, start with a free 30-minute strategy session. In just one powerful session you will: 
  •  Get clear on your goals and exactly what you want to achieve in your mountain biking
  • ​Uncover limiting beliefs that have been holding you back
  • ​Discover hidden capabilities you have to achieve real, lasting change
  •  Formulate an action plan to achieve your goals
More about Simply Extraordinary Results Coaching here

No matter what type of Groover Method coaching you choose, your days of difficult and risky mountain biking are over. Completely transform your skill and start achieving the results you want today!
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Groover Method Rapid Transformation Clinics
1-on-1 Clinic $790
2 Rider Clinic $640
3 Rider Clinic $485
4+ Riders Clinic $335
Weekend and weekday clinics

Brisbane and Sunshine Coast - other locations on request

Prices shown are cost per rider

Your Zero Risk Groover Guarantee

"I know I can give you amazing resultsIf, at the end of your first lesson you feel that further coaching won’t help you make significant improvements to your mountain biking, I will refund ALL your lesson fees. Simple as that."

- Chris Carter, Creator of the Groover Method
Master Groover Method Coach, MTBA Accredited Mountain Bike Coach

" made a massive difference."

"I just wanted to say how very excited I am about this... 
At yesterday's race I put into place a few things... and it made a massive difference. 

Not only did I pull away from my usual rivals but I did it without expending too much energy!"

- Bobbie Pappin, Melbourne

" competing at the front of the field"

"I got into the local racing scene and had a massive reality check... I would finish well down the back of the field.

The Groover Method has me now competing at the front of the field… it showed me that a Method makes the most dramatic improvement in your riding. 

Fitness is one thing, but an actual Method that puts you in control of your skills and every decision and action is something that you get massive benefits from all the time!"

- Damon Jones, Gladstone

"...a lot more confidence in myself..."

"I have always struggled to find extra speed through corners and over rougher terrain. With the Groover Method I now have a lot more confidence in myself and the ability of the bike. 

I have learnt how to tackle corners in a far smoother way, now able to put power down on the exit of the corner, whilst still being in total control of the bike."

- James Andrew, Sydney

"...much more control, flow, and joy!"

"Thanks Chris, I rode Blue Tier etc today, an epic MTB day in Derby, Tas. ...I had an absolute ball. 

Your method has really allowed me to refine my riding. I'm looking up & ahead for exit points so much better now, much less skidding to tighten corners, much more control, flow and joy! The simplicity of the Groover Method is its genius..."

- Matt Carmichael, Melbourne

"...big improvements in my riding ability."

"Since learning the Groover Method I have noticed big improvements in my riding ability. I feel like I am now riding with Flow and with a lot more Control than I had before. That has been the biggest thing for me - learning to ride in Control and the Dynamic Positioning on the bike.

I wanted to learn how to ride safer and doing this clinic has definitely helped me achieve that. It's been great fun learning from Chris and I highly recommend learning the Groover Method. It will change your riding for the better!!"

- Bryan Sinclair, Brisbane

"...a whole different level."

"The Groover Method taught me how to think in control, taking my speed and skill to a whole different level. It enables me to relax and enjoy even the most technical sections of trails…even 4 hours into a race. 

The Groover Method just totally changed everything about mountain biking for me."

- Michael England, Elite Mountain Biker

"...couldn't wait to get back for the next."

"Chris is actually an awesome coach. Don't tell him. 

My husband was very sceptical and was only going to do one lesson, but couldn't wait to get back for the next."

- Deb and Stu Gordon, Sunshine Coast

"...definitely had air"

"Thank you so much for your time and patience coaching both Tony and I. 

I was able to go over all the logs on the last trail and definitely had air, rode so much more smoothly and Tony wasn't reeling the bar and didn't crash!!!"

- Lisa & Tony McKeown, Brisbane

"The Groover Method pattern makes all the difference..."

"I've been working on cornering for years and not gotten very far. Kind of stuck in a rut... but slotting in the Groover Method pattern makes all the difference.
It automatically helps with gears and braking too. I'll keep applying The Groover Method to every inch of the trail. There's more capabilities waiting for me! Thanks for the program Chris!"

- Greg Treloar, Brisbane

"Even after 20 years...has helped my own riding enormously."

"The Groover Method fits any trail scenario, any bike and any rider regardless of current skill level. 

Even after 20 years of mountain biking and racing, I found the systematic Adaptive Thinking Method for riding streamlined every thought and action into an actual concrete system to follow that has helped my own riding enormously."

- Evan James, MTBA Coach and Skills Instructor Development Coordinator

"I owned the trail, instead of the trail usually owning me."

Before I learned the Groover Method I would describe my way of mountain biking as... sort of Pin-balling on each corner or obstacle.  

I remember riding a local trail soon after learning the Groover Method and I rode it the Groover way as much as I could. The trail felt very different, and I felt like I ‘owned’ the trail, instead of the trail usually ‘owning’ me.

- Ryan Whitelaw, Brisbane
Groover Method Core Rules Of MTBing Skill
Groover Method Core Rules Of MTBing Skill
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November 16-18, 2018 - Brisbane QLD
Massive Skills Supercharger is a 2 1/2 day mountain bike skills event with Chris Carter designed 
to help you unlock the habits and reactions holding you back so you can start riding any trail 
with a truly extraordinary level of confidence, ease, and control. MSS is a mountain bike skills coaching event unlike anything on the planet.
128 Grand Parade, Parrearra, Sunshine Coast QLD 4575